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The Mane Desire • Leeds, UK

This site and its logo were designed and built by us. The client is a hair extensionist beginning her own business who needed an online presence. The site features a slideshow and Instagram-powered gallery for portfolio. The site was built with a fully customized theme on WordPress.

View the site in its entirety here.

Kelly Clement: ISEE and SSAT Tutor • London, UK

This site was designed and built for an educator in the niche market of ISEE and SSAT tutoring and advisement. Her site showcases her experience, her specialities, recommended resources with visual preview links, as well as an articles page geared towards families who have children taking the SSAT or ISEE exam. The "Travel Programs" page also has a built-in, editable map that shows countries where families have been assisted by our client. The site was built with a fully customized theme on WordPress.

View the site in its entirety here.

Wisely Awayward • New York, USA

This site was designed and built for a historian eager to start a travel business focusing on off-the-beaten-path tours of Italy's rich history. The design of her website was inspired by colors and themes of the Renaissance. The logo was digitized by us from an illustration our client procured. She required a clickable events calendar that offered location and mapping options for her speaking events, as they are multinational. An articles-structure page that focused on her published work in Italian, American and academic publications was also required in the build, along with a separate personal blog. Everything is archived and searchable by keywords, tags and date of publication.

The featured page here is from the "Published Work" link. View the site in its entirety here.

Mr Flight Finder • Manchester, UK

This build was for a client who was seeking an inviting homepage featuring a MailChimp signup for low airfare deals via e-mail, as well as a departure board-style sidebar that could be updated with recent low cost airfare finds. A redesign of the logo was also done by us. The site was built with WordPress.

View the site here.

[Technology Company] • London, UK

In a Star Mountain first, we were asked to build a site that was desktop only, without SEO and promoted and known only to current customers of the service. The site was built in two languages (French and English) and users can switch easily between the two on the top of every page. The site was built with WordPress.

Friends of Ferals - Long Island • New York, USA

This was a logo redesign we did as a charity job for an all-volunteer feral cat rescue group in eastern Long Island, New York. This group feeds, spays and neuters, and provides medical care to homeless cats in their area. They operate solely on donations and the time of volunteers. They came to us in need of a new logo they could use for contact cards and fundraising event fliers and we were more than happy to help.

While they do not have a website and are not currently in need of one, they can provide ways to donate via e-mail if you are interested in helping this wonderful cause.

Friends of Ferals - Long Island, NY
logo redesign

Diane Boaro: Healing Hands • New York, USA

This site was designed and built for a nurse practitioner in New York who has recently gained certification to prescribe medicinal marijuana. The purpose of the site is to inform potential patients of who is eligible to receive medicinal marijuana in New York State, the different types and uses of cannabis, biographical information of the nurse, and frequently asked questions and resources. Due to the sensitive nature of the site, there is a login system for patients and nurse to view their registered and medical information without it being in a public forum. The site was built using WordPress.

View the site here.

Veggieebox • London, UK

This WordPress-powered site was created for a ingredients-to-meal recipe and delivery service in London. The site features an online shop customized to address number of meals required, with categories that filter different types of meals (e.g. gluten free, vegan). An online checkout and payment system is also built in.

View the site here.

The Black Duck Tattoo Company • New York, USA

This build was done for a newly-established bricks and mortar tattoo and piercing shop on New York's Long Island. The owners of Black Duck were after a site style that blended their traditional business values with a hint of modern style. As per the owners' request, the portfolio/work page automatically updates from their individual as well as company Instagram accounts. The front page includes a slideshow that features some of the work the shop does. The site was built using WordPress.

View the site here.

Casa Barbosa: Single Origin Coffee • London, UK

This was a build done for a Colombian coffee importing business based in London. The owner of Casa Barbosa was seeking a website that would allow potential retailers to find the Colombian coffee she was importing, whilst also celebrating the unique flavour and harvesting of Colombian coffee. A graphic designer provided a hand in the front page design as well as color and typeface; the rest was completed and designed by Star Mountain. The site was built using WordPress.

View the site here.

Realties Con - Virtual Reality Conference • New York, NY USA

This is a build for a Virtual Reality conference in New York City. The site was built with WordPress. Its primary purpose is informational, with pages devoted to providing schedules, contact and location information, speaker and team biographies, and sponsorships. The site is online.

View the site here.

Founder Escapes • London, UK

This became a concept build for an travel company devoted to entrepreneurs, but due to lack of funding in the project, further development is currently on hold. With the collaboration of a designer, we developed the desktop site.

The Expat Rec-Room • London, UK

This site was designed for a London-based expatriate group of Americans and Canadians as an informational addition to their popular Facebook group. They have since become a registered UK business. This site was built using WordPress as a CMS. The site is currently archived as it prepares to relaunch with new mission next winter.